Craftsman Quality Woodwork with Equestrian Inspired Design for the Home, Barn & Road

Artisan Equestrian Design

An Idea. Even if undefined. It’s where it all begins.
A starting point. To fulfill a need. A want. A desire. ….Your Vision!
Let us help. We Ideate – Design – Create – Build, and deliver to your door…

Your Artisan Equestrian Design original.

Specializing in Custom Orders


Your Home

Nature Inspired. Raw Elements. Timeless Beauty.

What defines you? Heritage? Family Tradition?

Make a Statement. Let it show. And Let us Help.

Artisan Equestrian Design

Your Barn

Unleash creativity!

A breath of fresh air into the look & feel of your space; be it your Home, Barn or the open Road!

Need help? That’s where our unique eye for design comes in. And sets us apart. Every single piece is created for you, with you and for Only You!

An Artisan Equestrian Design bespoke one-of-a-kind original!

Artisan Equestrian Design

For the Road

Experienced & Authentic Vintage Airstream Renovations

  • Your model, or inquire as to ours available for restoration
  • Frame off, back to original, or fully modernized for comfort

All designed & built for you, and with you. Delivered to your door nationwide!

While restoring vintage Airstream trailers is one of our feathers; we have super-cool, fun & unforeseen ideas for your horse trailers and living coaches too! Full and partial/updated renovations & accoutrements.

Sound interesting? But don’t know where to start? Let us help! Call or text 763-393-6405 today.

Artisan Equestrian Design

Our Story

Artisan Equestrian Design delivers fine woodwork, furniture & curated finishes created with equestrian inspired influence for discerning tastes.

As an 8 year old boy visiting his Grandparents farm, our founder became inspired by the relationship between the people, the land, the animals and how the buildings sheltered and served the family and the operation.

It was rustic and there was a beauty to the form and function of everything.

At that same time he began exploring his father’s workshop, learning how to work with wood and the tools needed. Then on to leather work and other mediums.

Throughout his life, an entrepreneurial passion as a craftsman developed and grew.

This same passion continues today.

We are proud to offer a highest level of craftsmanship built upon over 30 years of continually honing our skill.

Our passion is extended in each piece of work we complete and built upon a unity of; nature & raw materials, design & creativity and the people we work with and serve as our friends.

Which brings us to you. And getting to know you!

Our wish and our strive is to deliver your bespoke design, be it a piece or a project, that will embellish You, Your Family and your desires to enjoy for years to come as your one-of-a-kind creation. …an Artisan Equestrian Design original!

Artisan Equestrian Design


Where do you offer your services?

United States primarily; outside the US simply requires advanced scheduling. Please inquire.

How does your design process work?

We start with a phone visit to get to know one another. As we progress, we will visit you & your home, barn, “project” to develop the goals, theme(s), and design elements of your build. Be it a piece of furniture, interior finishes or a new structure. We most often personally deliver & install your signature piece / personally manage your larger projects encompassing our team.

Can you add your custom services and work within the plan of our architect / builder?

Yes. Our in-house design team can deliver your full project; while we also have vast experience in working with design/build architects & contractors nationwide.

What is unique about the delivery of the Artisan Equestrian Design experience?

We are simple everyday folk holding a high respect for nature, the outdoors, and all things equine.

Our desire is to seamlessly deliver unique & cutting-edge design so integrated into your current environment that it appears as if it was born there. We accomplish this by a very personal & bespoke approach as we get to know you, your home, your horse and your wants, desires and needs in your project.

Do you have photos and references of past work?

We do. We do not provide countless photos on purpose as to not confuse the design process for you. So often you know exactly what you want even if it may be difficult to describe. We have an innate ability to listen to you, ask the right questions and not lead any direction other than letting the story of your vision be interpreted and designed for you and You Only!

What is unique about your work / projects?

We are craftsman first and foremost. This is the most important attribute we bring. It usually begins with wood. Often accents in metal, leather and other accoutrements. Beyond that it is simply the passion & unique creative vision that drives us to produce our best work every day. Our job is not done until your finished piece or project clearly speaks volumes of you and your family.

Are we a little old-fashioned?

We would like to think so. Why? We love technology but an email isn’t as much fun as a friendly chat! Nor productive.

We want to get to know you and make sure we are a fit for your needs and can help build what you desire and envision.

Our clients become our friends and we very much value and enjoy what we do and how we deliver it. Which is with a little of that good old-fashioned heart, a handshake & readiness to serve and deliver beyond expectation.

Do you offer references of your work?

Absolutely. We are happy to personally share references appropriate to your project. We serve an elite clientele and very much respect their privacy. And yours. Please inquire.

Specializing in Custom Orders


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