Who we are

Artisan Equestrian Design delivers fine woodwork, furniture & curated finishes created with equestrian inspired influence for discerning tastes.

As an 8 year old boy visiting his Grandparents farm, our founder became inspired by the relationship between the people, the land, the animals and how the buildings sheltered and served the family and the operation.

It was rustic and there was a beauty to the form and function of everything.

At that same time he began exploring his father’s workshop, learning how to work with wood and the tools needed. Then on to leather work and other mediums.

Throughout his life, an entrepreneurial passion as a craftsman developed and grew.

This same passion continues today.

We are proud to offer a highest level of craftsmanship built upon over 30 years of continually honing our skill.

Our passion is extended in each piece of work we complete and built upon a unity of; nature & raw materials, design & creativity and the people we work with and serve as our friends.

Which brings us to you. And getting to know you!

Our wish and our strive is to deliver your bespoke design, be it a piece or a project, that will embellish You, Your Family and your desires to enjoy for years to come as your one-of-a-kind creation. …an Artisan Equestrian Design original!

Artisan Equestrian Design
Artisan Equestrian Design

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Artisan Equestrian Design

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Everything we do is custom, let's talk!

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